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Monday, 26 October 2015


The Viscount's Divorce

This series is set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, and concerns a noble family of three brothers and how their lives progress.

In medieval times, a divorce was almost impossible to achieve. There were few grounds, but even should a divorce be granted, it resembled a legal separation in modern times. When a couple were married, by law they were obliged to live together and certainly to have sex with each other. Sex was the legal right of both parties and the church had the power to order a couple to live together if they had parted. King Richard I, well known for having failed to consummate his marriage to Queen Berengaria, was eventually ordered by the church to return to his marriage bed.

A divorce was the legal way of putting an end to such interference so that a couple could live separately if they so wished, but they were not usually free to remarry. An annulment meant that the marriage was never valid in the first place.

That being the case, I have entitled this novel The Viscount's Divorce, because The Viscount's Annulment just doesn't have the same ring to it! I hope you will forgive this creative licence. Book three will be about the youngest brother, Viscount John, and will be coming soon.

The first book, The Earl's Jealousy, concerns Michael, the eldest brother and the Earl. This one, is about his brother, James, Viscount West.

Viscount James West is a very possessive husband, but his wife, Lady Helen, is not averse to that. She loves him and does not mind in the least that he rarely lets her out of his sight, except for two days each month when she goes to visit her father's estate in the next town. James never accompanies her there, as he despises her father and cannot bear to spend time with him.
 This latest visit, just after Christmas, is the same as usual, except that this time she fails to return. Frantic with worry and mounting suspicion, James goes in search of her, only to learn that her father has not seen her since the day of their wedding. His world is about to collapse when he learns who his wife has really been visiting for the past five years.
 In his fury, his proud and possessive nature is put to the test and he sets out to see the Archbishop of Canterbury to obtain an annulment. His marriage is over; now he must seek a future for himself and his sons.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Two Countdown deals starting tomorrow

I've never run two countdown deals at once before, but after the phenomenal success of my Kindle daily deal, The Wronged Wife,
which Amazon ran in the UK only, I have decided to give my US readers a chance to get a bargain as well. Countdown deals are only available on the Amazon sites for the US and UK, so apologies to my readers in other countries.
The first book I am discounting from 13th till 20th October is A Man in Mourning. (US link) or UK link
The story begins after the battle of Bosworth Field, which saw the death of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England, and the victory of Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII and founded the Tudor dynasty.
This story is about Lord Ian Westerby, who has mourned the love of his life, his wife, Eleanor for ten years and vowed never to remarry.
But the battle has taken the life of his brother and he must try to father a son to replace him as heir to his title and estates.
He is not a popular choice as his continual mourning is well known but neither is his chosen bride. She is crippled from an accident and although beautiful, has had few offers since. But she is prepared to be a good wife to Lord Westerby, as she wants a household and children as other ladies have.
Can these two overcome their individual heartaches and build a future together?
TO CATCH A DEMON (US link) or UK link is a much darker tale.
It begins after the fall of Cromwell and his son, when King Charles II returns to reclaim his throne and take revenge on those who murdered his father.
Jasper Philbert is one of those murderers and his abused wife, Lady Diana, hopes the King's return will put an end to ten years of cruelty at his hands and reunite her with her first love, Peter. But the King suspects her of helping her husband to escape and hide from capture and her journey back to a normal life proves to be a long and arduous one.
These two books are normally priced at $3.99 (or £3.99 in the UK) but from 13th they will be discounted to .99 cents (.99 cents). The price will gradually increase over the seven days, so get yours in good time.
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